• How to Link Facebook to Instagram on computer

    Facebook already has options to connect your account to Instagram, But if you do not have an Instagram app and want to connect your Instagram account to Facebook from your computer, then read this article. If you connect your Instagram account to Facebook then you will get many features from it, Like you can share photos and videos directly from your Instagram, as well as manage your ads. You can edit your Instagram profile from your Facebook account. You can run advertisements for your Instagram from your Facebook account and also manage it from there.
    Linking facebook to instagram

    How can I connect Instagram with Facebook on the computer ?

    Step 1.

    To connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account, you must first go to Facebook.com. After visiting Facebook.com, login with your account and open your Facebook page.

    Step 2.

    As soon as you go to the homepage of your Facebook page, you will see the option of settings in the corner above, As you can see in the picture below:
    how to link facebook to instagram on computer

    By clicking on the settings on the corner, you have to open the option of Settings on your page.

    Step 3.

    After clicking on the settings, you will be taken to a new page where you have to click on Instagram as shown in the picture:
    link facebook to instagram on computer

    Step 4.

    When you click on Instagram, you will see a "Connect Account" button that you have to click, As you can see in the picture below:
    linking facebook to instagram

    Step 5.

    When you click on "Connect Account" a popup will open in front of you where you have to login with your Instagram username and password, As you can see in the picture below:
    instagram login

    When you login with your Instagram account, your Instagram account will be automatically connected to your Facebook page, As you can see in the picture below:
    connect facebook to instagram

    So friends, in this way you can link your Facebook page with your Instagram account.

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