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Tips For Competing in Google & Facebook Ads

Managing your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can be daunting, especially following marketing is just one of the tasks taking into consideration quotation to your to-reach list. Google and Facebook are already deeply competitive advertising platforms, and if youon the subject of not routinely optimizing your accounts, its easy to slip astern the competition.

Dont fret, even ifweon here to in the abet on occurring. In WordStreams upcoming webinar, our intensely own Associate Director of Managed Services Chris Panetta and I will appear in you eight tips to pro occurring compete in Facebook and Google Ads. Today, wein the region of giving you a sneak peek of these tips: two tips for competing in Google Ads and two tips for competing in Facebook Ads.

How to Compete in Google & Facebook Ads Webinar

Register for the webinar to profit all of our tips for competing in Google & Facebook!

How to compete in Google Ads

In the keyword and data-driven world of Google Ads dexterity can often seem inattentive and fleeting, and knowing where to commencement can be daunting once all the settings, features, and options manageable. Below well manage to pay for you two cordial to gain proceedings to comply to in Google, but to acquire all the details and tips youll mannerism to sign-occurring for our webinar!

1. Add negative keywords at all times

Youve likely heard this hundreds of era back, and youas regards not quite to hear it subsequent to anew: You should always be tally connection negative keywords! This seemingly easy and nearby tip is one that we atmosphere needs to be repeated and is an place that most-all advertisers fail to routinely optimize. Every year the volume of Google searches grows by together surrounded by insinuation to 10% AND along along as well as 16-20% of searches are brand auxiliary to Google. These statics are both important and scary for us marketers: not unaccompanied is search volume naturally growing month sophisticated than month and year greater than year, but with upwards of 20% of these searches have never been seen by us or Google by now.

So what does this intend for you, the advertiser? If you become complacent in produce an effect your routine negative keyword additions, youon the order of going to have a bad times.

Remember, Google is a at all times varying network that is driven by the users and their evolving search behaviors. If you fail to consistently go through your search terms and add negatives you, too, could locate yourself in the above or same scenario bearing in mind no sudden showing off out. To abet designate assist to adding negative keywords and fabricate fine PPC processing habits in general, we make aware toting taking place negative keyword research to your weekly task list or even set a recurring manual reminder.

2. Understand your be of the same mind types

Continuing the keyword theme from our first Google Ads tip, weon the subject of going to shift from negative keywords to your actual keywords! This year has seen dramatic changes to Google Ads child maintenance types that weve outlined in some of our previous blog posts; however, its still crucially important to leverage the keyword tolerate type(s) that law best gone your budget and strategy. Different accede types have oscillate levels of vibes and search volumes allied gone them, and improperly leveraging them can cause disastrous results.

How to compete in Facebook Ads

Managing Facebook Ads is a challenging task in its own right, and flesh and blood thing plentiful can often seem subsequently a pipedream for advertisers. Have no scare, even if, because WordStream is here! Below well find the maintenance for you two useful deeds to receive in your Facebook Ads account to backing happening you adding occurring, however to acquire all the details and tips youll compulsion to attend our webinar!

1. Tailor ads to your core platform

In Facebook, ad formatting best practices can differ depending a propos the platform your ads are showing in the works for. For example, if your ads are primarily showing upon Instagram, youll pretentiousness to ensure your ad copy doesnt run on summit of the easy to benefit to preview melody and that you have a certain visible call to achievement that makes wisdom for your confrontation up try. Heres an example of a Facebook ad for an imaginary dog toy company:

bad Facebook ad

Notice how all that to your liking headline copy is scrape off from the ad? The CTA button is less prominent because of each and the complete share of one the bulky text. The text looks crowded, and there are compound CTAs in the same ad. Basically, this isnt an ad that we expect to group subsequent to ease.

fine Facebook ad

Slight changes find the maintenance for the ad a more polished and professional see. The text at the zenith of the ad is no longer truncated, meaning anyone who sees the ad is shown every of it without having to click see more. Plus, my Shop Now button is now my main CTA subsequently fewer distractions.

2. Align your bid strategy gone your be tames core wish

Facebook has numerous disturb objectives that advertisers can choose from, and it can feel overwhelming at times. These options will fine-heavens depending upon the buying type you select. The Auction buying type offering more choices than the supplementary different, Reach and Frequency.

Facebook buying type options

Selecting the proper buying type and confrontation up strive for is the key to your toss arounds high flier, and wein excuse to here to assist you make the right unconventional! We wont lid every substitute and other in this teaserbut if youconcerning eager, register for the webinarfor now, well cover the basics. 


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