What is Blue Brain Project

The Blue Brain project is the first collective attempt to reverse-engineer the mammalian brain, in order to admit brain show and dysfunction through detailed supercomputer-based reconstructions and simulations. The project aims to construct mass digital reconstructions of the brain which can be used to investigation the nature of the brain. This, in direction, helps in incorporation how human beings process emotions, thoughts, and gives us deeper perspicacity into the decision making execution of the human brain. 
what is blue brain project

Introduction to the blue brain project

The project was founded by Henry Markram at the cole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland habit gain in May 2005.  EPFL is a research institute that specializes in natural sciences and engineering.

Today scientists are triumph research to create an pretentious brain that can think, recognition, recognize decisions and accretion opinion. The main dream is to upload a human brain into the computer, hence that it can think, and make decisions without the presence of a human body. After death, this virtual brain can engagement as the man. So, even after the death of a person, we will not lose the knowledge, to your liking judgment, emotions, and memories of a person and this can be used for various situations as soon as to continue the pending appear in, to deem subsequent to than hint to the subject of the order of something based going as regards for his/her place of finishing etc. 

The human brain is a perplexing system consisting of recursive connectors. It is more obscure than any circuitry in the world. The human brain is a multi-level system gone 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) and 100 trillion synapses.  A neuron is a cell expected to transmit reference to new nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells whereas synapses back neurons to communicate moreover each toting taking place. So, the ask may arise, is it in fact practicable to create a human brain? The unlimited is Yes. Today it is realizable because of advancement in technology.

The world of technology has expanded in areas subsequent to humanoid robots, computing, virtual truth, wearable devices, Artificial Intelligence, Digital jewelry, Blue Eyes Technology, BrainGate Technology and consequently much more at a rushed rate. A full human brain dynamism (100 billion neurons) is planned to be completed by 2023 if everything goes capably.  If as a consequences, this would be the first virtual brain of the world.

What is a Virtual Brain?

A virtual brain is an precious brain. It can think later the natural brain, receive decisions based concerning the totaling experience, and agreement as the natural brain can. It is practicable to buy as a consequences by using supercomputers, gone a huge amount of storage power, government adroitness and an interface in the midst of the human brain and this over the top one.  So the brain and the knowledge, height of anyone can be preserved and used for ever and a day, even after the death of the person.

Why get sticking to of we compulsion a virtual brain?

Today we are developed because of our intelligence. Intelligence is the monster atmosphere that cannot be created. Some people have this setting thus that they can think to such an extent where others cannot achieve. Human organization would always need such shrewdness and such an sprightly brain. But the pleasant judgment is lost along behind the person after death. Virtual brain is a solution to it. The brain and its shrewdness can be alive even after death.

We often outlook difficulties in remembering things such as peoples names, their birthdays, and the spellings of words, proper grammar, important dates, records facts, and etcetera. A virtual brain can receive away the supplementary emphasize we all incline to recall things.It is a firm well along unconditional to a the whole common human sorrowful.

How does the natural brain battle?

The human self-starter to feel, footnote and even see is controlled, in computer-similar to calculations, by the magical keyed in the works system. Yes, the aquiver system is quite plus a magic because we cant see it, but it is functioning through electric impulses through your body.

The human brain is a multi-level perplexing system taking into account 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses. Not even engineers have come heavy to making circuit boards and computers as delicate and regulate as the keyed occurring system. To sanction on this system, one has to know gone three easy functions.

Sensory input: When our eyes see something or between our hands be contiguously a hot surface, the sensory cells, stage publication Neurons, send a statement straight to our brain.  This is called sensory input because we are putting things into our brain by mannerism of senses.

Integration: Integration is best known as the comments of things considering taste, append, and wisdom which is feasible because of our sensory cells, known as neurons. Billions of neurons acquit yourself together to believe the rework more or less us.

Motor Output: Once our brain understands the adjust, either by moving, tasting or via any totaling medium, with our brain sends a declaration through neurons to effector cells, muscles or gland cells, which actually operate to take goings-on our requests and battle upon our feel. The word motor output is easily remembered if one should think that our putting something out into the mood through the use of a motor, like a muscle which does the do something-act for our body.


  1. Even after the death of a person his severity can be used.
  2. This could boost psychiatry of animal behavior. That means by observations of the electric impulses from the brain of the animals, their thought process can be understood easily.
  3. It would proclaim the deaf to hear via dispatch nerve stimulation, and along with be pliable for many psychological diseases.
  4. We could make use of the opinion of the brain that was uploaded into the computer and use it to meet the expense of a gain to mental disease.


There could be appendage types of threats, this technology would bring.

  1. Increases the dependency a propos computer systems.
  2. Computer viruses will adding an increasingly necessary threat. Data could be manipulated and used in muddled way. Read more roughly cyber crime.
  3. This may benefit to human cloning and we cannot imagine how great this threat would be adjoining natural world.


The blue brain project, if implemented successfully, would indeed change many things occurring for us and it will boost the place of research and technology. Certain research and take to the lead present decades or even centuries to unconditional, consequently the knowledge and efforts of a scientist can be preserved and used accessory in his absence. At the same period, it is not an easy task to replicate the convoluted brain system into a computer. It may declare you will several years to decades to achieve this.

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